A couple’s guide to training 2 "female led relationships" - men in chastity

By aboutFLR.com

Couple's need this book!

Men and women entering into an FLR need a period of training for the man and the woman. For the man because he has a big adjustment to make and for the women because he has new responsibilities, the first of which is training her man to become that supportive, gentleman and servant she ways wanted. This book teaches that and takes the couple on a 26 week journey into their lifelong FLR.

How will chastity and training make our relationship more successful?

Chastity is a training tool to create a transfer of authority from the man to the women while creating dependence, vulnerability and re-socialization in the man. Men in chastity for 3 weeks or so go into a more courtship mode, seeking physical contact with their mate. The insuring intimacy comes from his drive to win her again and again; just like when you were dating.

What is in the book?

The book is a 26 week long training course for him that places her in a teaching role. There is little emphasis on punishment and lots of emphasis on positive reinforcement. The guide starts with the couple coming together to discuss their future FLR and their roles. The partners make a simple agreement and define their roles based on the 5 Food Groups. Chastity and training begins with a simple ceremony and a playful and erotic weekend followed by life changing training and transfer of power, control and authority from the man to the women.

The Goal of This Guide for Men

Most women don’t really have a plan to train men and in the examination they only have a few things they actually want change. This guide gives a couple step by step instructions, a full program for training a man to accomplish 4 simple things repeatedly to the satisfaction of the women training. These 4 things are the basis for a long-term, sustainable and growing level 4 FLR and beyond relationship. Mastering them, sets the stage for following her direction no matter where it leads. We are not training slaves or worshipers; because those things don’t lead to a purposeful life or a relationship that grows and prospers. This guide’s training is erotic, fulfilling and fun; but in the end it is also serious training to help men become better servants to their women. Erotic because it includes becoming a better lover; fulfilling because it addressing the real motivations men and women have for FLR; and fun because it gets couples closer to each other.

Preparation for the Woman

This guide is a progressive guide so if you make changes to the flow you will need to start over. Before you begin you’ll need to decide how you are going to handling training and learn about the psychology of men who want FLR training. In a sense your taking the role of leader and controlling both your lives does change you; but there is no need to assume any part of the fetish of a dominatrix. Women already have all the skills they need to train men by a combination of motherhood training, nurturing, college education, and or relationship practice. Even submissive women have these skills. What is needed is a plan. This guide is the plan. Then you’ll need the courage and energy to follow it through.

Think About Chastity

This guide relies heavily on chastity for the man, not on punishment. Sex is the very first food group the women takes charge of. Men in chastity behave differently. There are several reasons: The load of hormones he carries increases then reach stasis. This puts him in a courtship like mode where he is seeking physical contact from his woman. His body will do it without his approval. It is also a strong visual and psychological change to have someone other than him in charge of his climax. Most men masturbate 1-21 times a week. Even married men admit to doing it 1-7 times a week. Lastly it causes a social change where he is becomes dependent on her for any hope of climax and he has become vulnerable because she knows he is in chastity.

Saturday morning kickoff, Day 1

"The idea is to have a starting point where he humbles himself and she assumes that power. The reason we say assume is because it take some action items for any real power to be exchanged. This is a ceremony where he surrenders to her authority. While this will be erotic, it cannot be sexual. We want him to concentrate on the 'real', not the 'fantasy.'"

Saturday PM, Day 1

....The man: at the start of the evening you should be naked except for your chastity device and a full kitchen apron. Plan your time so you can assist your mate with her wardrobe and still deliver the meal fresh and well plated. You will be shopping for and preparing a meal and serving your mate but you will not be eating with her. Take your nourishment in the form of a small salad while you cook for her. Make sure the table looks nice.

The evening will go like this: He will prepare the meal to make it easy to serve as she is ready. He will prepare her favorite beverages. He will act as her personal butler for the evening. Set the scene with a nice place setting, center piece and a single candle.....

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